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Employment Pass Application

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Singapore Employment Pass Application

In order to manage your human resource efficiently and ensuring cost-effective staffing, foreign aids would usually be required.

Under the law of Singapore, any foreigners required to work locally must apply for a suitable pass.

At CoSeClinic Group, we help you deal with all the necessary procedures to obtain any employment pass, thus saving your precious time and trouble.

There are various passes catering to each individuals of different skill levels. In general, there are 4 types of passes, Work Permit, EntrePass, S Pass and Employment pass.

Below is a breakdown of all the types of Passes available:


Pass Types Available



Work Permit

Work Permit for Foreign Worker

Unskilled or Semi-Skilled
Foreigner Workers

< $1,800

Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Worker

S Pass

S Pass

Middle Level Skilled
Foreign Workers

> $1,800


P Pass

Foreigners who are interested to start their business in Singapore


Q1 Pass

Employment Pass

P1 Pass

Foreign Professionals, Managers, Executives and Specialists

> $2,500

P2 Pass

Q Pass

Foreigners with recognised qualifications

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